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Our Approach

Rest easy. We’ve seen all kinds of websites, heard all kinds of ideas, and worked with all kinds of brands. We listen well in order to clearly understand your needs before entering into costly development. Your projects run smoother, quality is higher, and cost is minimized with our approach to website redesign.
count on our experts to deliver the exact website presence and features you desire

Our Story

Waldemesolution.com began in 2005. After years in the web hosting industry, we realized that it was near impossible for the average people to create their own website. Traditional web hosting services were simply too complicated, time consuming, and expensive to manage.

We created the Waldemesolutions.com with the user's perspective in mind. We wanted to offer a service friendly with the users.

Meet the Team

I’ve worked internationally, in-house and remotely on projects for leading brands, agencies, startups and charities. I care deeply about creating world-class, useful and beautiful products that help people and make a difference. User experience is central to everything I do. I like to be involved at different stages of a digital project, from the seed of the idea, through to sketches, design and even the front-end and WordPress build. As a freelancer, this means I can jump in at any stage of a project, or take on the whole project, from design to build.

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Marvin G.


With my lovely wife  and my beautiful two kids, Walesska & Demetre this is the origin of the name's Company .. After three years leading the design , creative direction of products and Microsoft Tech Support, teams and design systems , in 2018, I have returned to being a remote freelance web designer and developer, — I look forward to hearing about your awesome project

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